The Process

The Materials

I never use commercial grade pen blanks. Many custom pen makers prefer to make their pens using lower grade blanks in order to get a quicker turn around time. However, in the six years that I have been making custom, one-of-kind pens, I have discovered that the lower grade wood will distort the work of art dramatically. Each piece of wood is hand picked by me, cutting the individual blank from larger exhibition grade stock; giving the finished writing instrument a personal touch that enhances the over all appearance which encompasses the final product.

Turning The Pen

Each pen's body is custom made, using only the highest quality, exhibition grade, exotic hardwoods available on the market. These individually turned, handmade custom pens have a beautiful finish and a luxurious feeling that makes them the perfect gift for weddings, graduations, birthdays retirements or any special occasion.

The Final Result

My high quality writing instruments: Majestic Junior, Art Deco, Nouveau Sceptre (These three can also be purchased as a fountain pen or roller ball; which is then complimented with a titanium or 22kt gold plate), 30 Cal Bullet ( Either gun metal or gold plate finish) and the Civil War Pen ( Gun metal finish). The Majestic Junior also has a letter opener which can be purchased separately making it a set